Relations with policy-makers. You are an international firm looking to enter the local market. We provide you with analysis on who is who and strategies for building relationships, while abiding by your firm or sector’s code of conduct. We advise you on which key influencers to approach and when, and guide you, step-by-step, through the process.

Media management. You are an international or local firm with a particular target for public opinion or with a key reputational risk. We provide you with analysis of the key media outlets in Cyprus and abroad, strategies on which media players to approach, as well as how and when. We prepare materials for the media targets and work closely with the media on achieving your aims.  

Advocacy advisory. You are a local or international firm seeking to present the case for your sector. We provide you with analysis of the competing interests, strategies on addressing policymakers’ concerns, as well as advice on media management. 

Media services. Our portfolio can include advice and guidance on all your promotional material, including press releases or promotional brochures. 

Further details on relations with policy-makers. International companies entering Cyprus typically have few difficulties gaining access to ministers or government officials. Where they do need assistance is in understanding the particular character of the individuals with whom they are dealing, and how specific interest groups, stakeholders or other parameters can affect how decisions are made by individual policy-makers or the government as a whole. With its intimate knowledge of all the players, Facilitas Advisory will provide you with a full insight into the many characters, pressures and other dynamics, and guide you on exactly whom to approach, how to approach them and in what sequence. 

Further details on media management. The local media are often ill-informed about technical issues and can be swayed by interest groups in the way they report on particular subjects. Under these circumstances, international firms are often advised to keep a low profile. However, where the investment will have a significant impact on the local landscape or the environment, this approach has been shown to backfire. With its unrivalled knowledge of the local landscape, Facilitas Advisory can guide you through a more pro-active, preventive approach for winning over hearts and minds. We advise you not only on how to engage with influential journalists but also on how to approach the full range of stakeholders, including local councillors and municipalities. 

Anticipating developments on the Cyprus problem. Both Lefteris Adilinis and Fiona Mullen have spent the best part of the past 20 years closely following and analysing developments on the Cyprus problem. They have unmatchable insights into the latest perspectives of the Greek Cypriots, the Turkish Cypriots, Turkey, Greece, the UN and others in the international community. This allows them to anticipate the next moves of various players and to advise you on how this might affect your business